An easy collaboration tool for your group

"My team loves tgethr"
-Shelly D., small business owner

  • Private: Your groups are super private.
  • Secure: SSL for everyone. Email encryption available.
  • Simple: We do less than the other guys on purpose.

"If you are familiar with the ugly of Google Groups, this will feel like fresh air."
-Alex Wilhelm, The Next Web

  • Share files/images: Upload your own or just share image links. We automatically embed them.
  • Developers: Share beautifully highlighted code.

"Sure, Facebook is great, but sometimes you need to keep stuff private. That’s what tgethr does"
-Matt Waters, Appvita

  • Everyone gets SSL and email encryption available.
  • Use email certificates for a spam proof group.

"very easy setup, useful help and simple web interface"
-Charles Hamilton, Web Worker Daily

  • Track conversations. Simple CRM via CC/BCCing your group.
  • Collaborate on customer support, deals, or leads.

"useful for families, friends, and clubs who don’t need the overhead of more complicated solutions"
-Smashing Apps

  • Email integration to popular services like Dropbox.
  • What would you like to add email integration to?

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"a simple, easy-to-use secure, free email collaboration platform that can be used between family members or within an enterprise"
-Leena Rao, Techcrunch

"Tgethr Enables Simple Email-Based Collaboration"
-Jason Fitzpatrick, LifeHacker